Fighter versus Capital ShipEdit

The Flyboy Maneuver is a maneuver used against capital ships when you are flying a fighter-sized ship with a rear turret (preferably an Orion). To execute the maneuver, you must fly in one direction with the rear turret. The capship will follow you, and because of your small size, you will evade 2/3 of the weapons.

Capital Ship versus Capital ShipEdit

The best method for capital ship versus capital ship combat involves the Player flying a Pegasus. Ideally, the player wants to equip the rear turret with a Fusion Cannon, Gun Boost Mk III and Gun Cooler Mk III before combat. The Player follows the same process as if flying a fighter-sized ship: fly in one direction with enemy capital ship behind. The real trick is keeping the Afterburner on so the enemy ship is far enough away to not damage the Player's ship, but close enough that the rear turret is blasting away at the enemy. After several successful hits, the enemy ship will probably reduce speed. The Player will want to match the enemy ship's speed (Shift+M) as long as the enemy ship is targeted. After several minutes of adjusting speed and keeping ahead of the enemy ship, it should stop in its tracks, leaving it open for forward guns/missiles or torpedoes.

[Maybe we should add some demonstration videos here?]
Liberty Cruiser 17:23, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

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