Symbol Faction Name Description Player Ownable? Price
# Merchants Tarsus A light scout vessel - has good cargo volume, but suffers from low speed and weak armor/shields. Yes* 30,000
M Hunter Demon A medium combat vessel - as fast as a Talon, decent defenses, agile enough to be dangerous. Yes 60,000
O Hunter Orion Heavy combat vessel - high armor/shields and energy reserves, slow and sluggish, has a rear turret. Yes 75,000
X Merchant Galaxy Small merchant vessel. Good balance of protection, cargo, and speed. Also has rear turret. Yes 150,000
Hunter Centurion Elite hunter vessel - it is the pinnacle of mercenary fighters. Yes 200,000
Merchant Ulysses Medium merchant ship. More quarters, a bit more cargo room (only the Drayman has more), and a rear turret. Yes 250,000

Pirate, Militia, Retro

Talon Light combat patrol craft, very weak, though some are upgraded to have heavy weapons. Very agile/fast. No
I Confed Stiletto Confed

light interceptor. Weak armor/shields, moderate weapons load, but there's nothing faster or more agile.

G Confed Gladius Confed

medium fighter. Good speed and agility, decent weapons, tougher than talons or stilettos.

8 Confed Broadsword Confed

heavy bomber. No afterburner, but heavy firepower (including a turret) and heavy shields/armor.

C Kilrathi Dralthi Kilrathi

light/medium patrol fighter. Very fast, light weapons, decent armor/shields.

D Kilrathi Gothri Kilrathi

elite heavy fighter. A formidable foe for ANYONE. Heavy guns, good missiles, thick shields and armor, fast, agile, has a rear turret... tough!


  • This is the ship that the player starts off with.

Capital ShipsEdit

Symbol Faction Name Description Player Ownable? Price
Merchant Drayman

First of the Player ownable Capital Ships. Has the most cargo capacity and a slot for a rear turret

Yes 1.2M
Confeds, Pirates, Retro Nexus The Tank of ASCII Sector. Has slots for three Turrets. Yes 1.8M

Confed, Pirate, Retro

Pegasus Top of the line Cap Ship. Has a max speed of 900 KMH with afterburner, just as maneuverable as a Demon . Slots for two Missile /Torpedo Launchers, Forward Weapon and a Rear Turret Yes 2M
Confed Paradigm

Confed Flag Ship of Confed fleets. Can usually be seen near Loye Naval Base.

Kilrathi Kamekh Capital Ship of Kilrathi fleets, normally only encountered on Mercenary Guild missions. No

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