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Equipment StoreEdit

Equipment stores are located on most of the planets or bases you may come across. You can purchase and sell Armor, Rifles, Pistols, Munitions, etc at Equipment Stores.

Note: Sales rates will vary depending on damage to armor/helmets and ammount of ammo left in magazines/cans of pepper spray.

Note 2: Weight of Rifles and Pistols is without magazines in them.

Equipment Price Class Ammo Required Weight (kg)
Ranged Weapons
C-47 Assault Rifle 500 Rifle Yes 5
C-244 Pistol 300 Pistol Yes 2
M-39 Laser Rifle 600 Rifle No 3
M-42 Machine Pistol 550 Pistol Yes 4
M-47 Semi-Auto Laser Gun 350 Pistol No 2
MPR-27 Pulse Gun 800 Pistol Yes 5
MPR-481 Pulse Rifle 1400 Rifle Yes 8
Kilrathi Rifle 3400 Rifle Yes 13.2
C-244 Magazine 25 10 Round Magazine 0.4
C-47 Magazine 25 6 Round Magazine 0.3
M-42 Magazine 40 12 Round Magazine 0.5
MPR-27 Magazine 200 8 Charge Magazine 0.7
MPR-481 Magazine 350 4 Charge Magazine 0.8
Kilrathi Rifle Clip 500 8 Charges 2.4
Melee Weapons
Knife 100 Melee None 0.2
Pepper Spray 250 Melee 20 Shots per Can 0.2(full)
Stunrod 400 Melee None 0.7
Vibroblade 350 Melee None 0.5
Kevlar Vest 1000 None 20
Titanium Vest 2000 None 35
NanoComp 3000 None 10
Plasteel Helmet 800 None 10
Hand Grenade 200 Thrown None 0.7
Smoke Grenade 100 Thrown None 0.5
Electrocuffs 150 --- --- 0.8

Items taken from Manual, prices taken from Bloom in Argos System.

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