Character Combat. There are two versions of Character Combat, Ranged and Melee. Ranged Characters use

  • Rifles, Pistols, And Grenades.

Rifles are more powerful then pistols, But take longer to reload and are more expensive then Pistols.

Pistols are small cheap weapons that allow the Player Character to shoot and reload

faster then rifles but suffer the weakness of being less powerful then Rifles and Grenades.

If you are standing directly next to a character when you shoot at them, there is a small chance that they can grab your weapon and knock it away from you.

To upgrade your shooting skill quickly, take a laser-based weapon and head to Manhurin in the Vichy system. There is a shooting range there.

target, As the Grenade expodes and can kill and injure bystanders. The Smoke Grenades create Smoke upon explosion and deal no damage to anyone, However no one can fire weapons through the cloud, So it is good for Players to use it to get close to a target and use Melee.

  • Grenades come in two types: Normal and Smoke. Normal Grenades are deadly up close to the thrower and the
  • Melee is using close range on the target. The weapons are the following: Stun rod, Vibroblade, Knife,

Pepper spray, And Fists. The Stun rods allow the Player to Stun the target and render them immobile,

Vibroblades are larger and more powerful then the Knife but take longer to use.

Knives are less powerful then Vibroblades but are much faster to use. The Pepper spray, The Pepper spray is fast to use but only do a small bit of damage and Blind the intended target.

And the last weapon is the Fists, Fists are difficult to train but when the martial arts bar is full the Fists are deadly up close as they can Stun,Blind,Or kill the target when punched or kicked in the head.

Once you have killed a character, walk to where they were standing and push E to view what is on the ground. They can be carrying money, goods, weapons, and other items.